Goal: Graduate and Professional Programs

Objective: Recruit outstanding and diverse graduate students

  • Provide nationally competitive pay rates and teaching loads 
  • Expand college outreach through competitive summer research opportunities for prospective graduate students
  • Expand the number of endowed graduate fellowships to support recruitment
  • Enhance minority-serving-institution partnerships and other pipeline programs to foster a diverse applicant pool


Objective: Enhance graduate student professional development and funding opportunities

  • Expand funding opportunities for travel and seed grants for research development
  • Provide opportunities for professional development through department, college, and university service
  • Build on research relationships with industry to secure internships and fellowships
  • Pursue major training grants (such as IGERT, the Integrative Graduate Education and Research Traineeship program of the National Science Foundation)
  • Create a college-wide calendar of major awards for graduate students to facilitate departmental nominations


Objective: Foster opportunities for interdisciplinary experiences for graduate students

  • Involve graduate students in existing and emerging interdisciplinary centers and institutes
  • Partner with the Graduate School in supporting participation in interdisciplinary conferences
  • Create proseminar courses to promote interaction across related disciplines


Objective: Develop graduate and professional degree and certificate programs

  • Identify mechanisms to reward faculty for developing professional programs
  • Identify areas of potential fit between statewide professional training needs and Franklin College disciplines
  • Develop policies for start-up funding and allocation of proceeds of professional programs